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Below, we highlight three interesting events related to BGLTQ issues that have taken place on campus recently. In particular, we centralize media—video, audio, images—from these events so people who weren't able to attend are still able to learn more.

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EDI Staff Commitment to Dismantling White Supremacy

June 12, 2020

Dear students, colleagues and friends,


It is with deep sorrow and fury that we’ve struggled to navigate this pivotal moment in history. We mourn Ahmaud ArberyBreonna TaylorNina PopTony McDade, and George Floyd, and those whose names we have never learned. We recognize Iyanna Dior and all other Black transgender, non-binary, and intersex people recovering from hate crimes. It is imperative that we dismantle white supremacy together and acknowledge its impact on all intersections with Black communities that are often overlooked and underserved. We affirm that all Black lives matter – all the time. We acknowledge that to matter is the minimum. Black lives are sacred and Black lives are needed.


Offices and departments across the university have affirmed the urgency of this moment. While no statement can sufficiently express the inequities and iniquities woven into the foundation of our culture, we find ourselves searching for the words which demonstrate our commitments to the wellbeing of our communities. We, the Harvard College Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion staff, have dedicated our careers to supporting and advocating the needs of those who are historically marginalized. Many of us are directly impacted by anti-Black racism, police brutality, and the casual, everyday inhumanity that appears to have seeped into every crevice of our common life.


This year has awakened many to a moral moment with an imperative to address the realities of intersecting and interlocking systems of oppression – racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, ableism, transphobia, xenophobia, etc. We continue to be inspired by the coordination and direct action of Harvard students (undergraduate and graduate alike) who have raised awareness, solicited funds, and uplifted their voices against historic and systemic anti-Blackness. We add our voices to others calling on the entire Harvard community to actively find their own place within this movement to ensure a future that is just and accessible for all.


We commit ourselves to serve the Harvard Undergraduate Student Community beyond this moment by taking the following actions:


Student Support

  • To serve as a source of replenishment and encouragement to our student activists and student organizations, while championing their calls for action and change.
  • To advocate for policies and procedures which center the experiences of groups previously excluded in ways that dismantle white supremacy.
  • To use our platforms to amplify the efforts of student organizations, such as with the recent Harvard Foundation Student Advisory Council email digest which featured the BSA Toolkit. 



  • To provide anti-racist educational training opportunities and spaces of peer-to-peer dialogue for students of all backgrounds to learn from one another's perspectives (e.g., the Women’s Center’s Let's Talk Series, the Diversity Peer Educator Program’s Diversity Dialogues, and the Foundation's Dialogue Series).
  • To partner with student organizations to promote and sustain more inclusive cultures.
  • To make ourselves available to consult with College staff and faculty seeking to increase their capacity for addressing matters of equity, inclusion, and belonging.



  • To be self-reflective and do the work required to embody the critical habit of dismantling white supremacy, divest from performative action and cultivate a network of allies dedicated to intersectional activism -- because crises such as racial health disparities, climate change, the policing of Black and Brown bodies, and the broad inaccessibility of quality education are not separate issues.
  • To prioritize trauma-informed community care and critical vulnerability as a necessary component of sustained resistance to systemic oppression.
  • To keep ourselves accountable and commit to transparency as adding to this list will be inevitable in the ongoing fight for justice.


These moments are more than just imagining an ideal future. We commit to listening, learning, and acting because no one is free until we are all free.


In steadfast support,


The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion team


Erin Clark

Title IX Coordinator, Harvard College


Livingstone Carter Cox, MFT

Assistant Director, Office of BGLTQ Student Life


Sonia M. David, MDiv

Administrative Coordinator, Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations


Bridget Duffy

Department Administrator, Equity Diversity and Inclusion


Robin M. Johnson, PhD

Director of Diversity Education & Support


Micahela Mobley, MS

Assistant Director, Harvard College Women’s Center


Diana Ortiz Giron, MDiv

Assistant Director of Diversity Education & Support


Sheehan Daniel Scarborough

Senior Director, Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations


Heidi Wickersham, MA

Director, Harvard College Women’s Center

Event Recordings | Secret Court 100: Living Histories and Legacies

May 27, 2020

Good afternoon,

If you were unable to attend either of the inaugural Secret Court 100 events last week, Video recordings of both events are now live on the Secret Court 100 Youtube page. This is an important part of Harvard's history and one that has greatly influenced BGLTQ advocacy at Harvard post-2002. Please feel free to share the event recordings with your network. Individual links for each session can be found below:

Secret Court 100: Living Histories, featuring Michael Bronski, Diana Eck, Evelynn Hammonds, and Amit Paley. Moderated by Timothy Patrick McCarthy.

Secret Court 100: Living Legacies, featuring Alden Fossett, Natalie Gale, Diego Garcia Blum, Russell Reed, Kimm Topping, and Kamille Washington. Moderated by Sheehan Scarborough.

Stay well,

The Office of BGLTQ Student Life

BGLTQ Office Community Update

March 12, 2020
Dear Students,

The BGLTQ Office is here to support you. 

Although our programming has been postponed, our space in Grays Hall (which houses the BGLTQ Office and the Office of Diversity Education & Support) will be open until 8pm this evening. Please feel free to come by for support or to simply say hello - Stone and I will be here alongside other friendly faculty and administrators who are ready to help you in whatever way we can. AND, we still have plenty of tea, coffee, safer sex supplies, and comfortable couches if you're looking for a space to decompress. We will also be open from 9am-5pm tomorrow (Friday). 

Our community has deep wisdom about how to hold one another in the midst of uncertainty. As we figure out how to do this virtually, please know that we are thinking creatively about ways to keep the community connected through programs like Lavender Graduation, workshops, and weekly gatherings. We'll be in touch with you to help us think about what this can look like. 

As we all adapt to the challenges posed by this public health crisis, I find myself once again in awe of your resourcefulness and ingenuity. Please take advantage of the resources that the University is providing, and don't hesitate to reach out to us in the BGLTQ Office ( 

We are here for you, and we will move forward together in strength. 

Sheehan Scarborough
Director, Office of BGLTQ Student Life
Pronouns: he, him, his

Harvard College COVID-19 FAQ


Everyone is welcome in our fully accessible office space! We are located in the Lower Level of Grays Hall, through the rear entrance (facing Wigglesworth). If you have any concerns about accessibility, please reach out to us at