Who can support me...

Our Office's goal is to connect you to the resources that most appropriately match your needs. In some cases, that may be our office. In other cases, we might serve to connect you to another more appropriate resource. In some cases, you may decide not to reach out to us directly at all, bypassing us altogether as you reach out directly to other sources of support that are found on our website. All of these options are okay.

Even if you don't know specifically what it is you are looking for, you are welcome to reach out to us, If you don't want to reach out to our office, you might consider reaching out to your BGLTQ specialty tutor or proctors.

We look forward to helping connect you with the support and resources you need.


Everyone is welcome in our office space! We are located in the Lower Level of Thayer Hall. Elevators can be accessed in the entrance next to Memorial Church. If you have any concerns about accessibility, please reach out to us at BGLTQ@fas.harvard.edu.