Who can support me...

There are myriad resources available on Harvard's campus and in the greater Boston and Cambridge area. In the menu to the left, explore the different ways we've framed access to support. Alternately, you can peruse the different sources of support available in our section on resources.

UItimately, our goal is to connect you to the resources that most appropriately match your needs. In some cases, that may be our office. In other cases, we might simply serve to connect you to another more appropiate resource. In still others, you may decide not to reach out to use directly at all, bypassing us altogether as you reach out directly to other sources of support. All of these options are ok.

Even if you don't know specifically what it is you're looking for, you're welcome to reach out to us, schedule a Qoffee with QuInterns chat, or stop by when we're open. If you don't want to reach out to our office, you might consider reaching out to your BGLTQ specialty tutor or proctors, or to one of the out BGLTQ faculty and staff on campus.

We look forward to helping connect you with the support and resources you need.