QuInterns Fall 2018

Our undergraduate interns (“QuInterns”) are current Harvard undergraduates who are passionate about issues related to gender and sexuality. As members of the Office of BGLTQ Student Life team, QuInterns are ambassadors for the Office, both ensuring that students have accurate and timely information about the Office’s programs and services, and communicating the needs of the BGLTQ student community back to the Office. QuInterns develop, implement, and evaluate events, resources, and initiatives related to Campus Education, Programming, and Communications.

If you want to talk to a current intern about your experiences, or you have questions navigating queerness and queer life at Harvard, consider signing up for a Qoffee with QuInterns chat! Please note that because outness is complicated to navigate, some of our interns may have elected not to be listed here.

Angela's headshot

Angela is a sophomore from the Bay Area concentrating in Neurobiology. When not taking photos or honing her graphic design skills, she is most likely to be found browsing patterned short-sleeve button-downs or scrolling through queer AAPI accounts on Instagram. Angela is also involved with technical theater and publicity on campus. 

Headshot of Dani in front of foliage

Dani is a sophomore who was born in Venezuela and raised in a tiny Minnesotan town. Finding it hard to even choose between different kinds of toothpaste, she is yet to decide what to study. Her passions are teaching, learning new languages, writing, and traveling to warm places. She loves discussing any of the aforementioned topics, as well as the intersections of faith, queerness, and Latinx identity. 
Ellie-headshot Ellie

Ellie is a first-year concentrating in Social Studies with a secondary in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (maybe? probably? hopefully?). Her unique experiences growing up in suburban Wisconsin have shaped her perspective on a variety of issues, from acceptance to coming out, to even the meaning of being queer. When she’s not in the basement of Grays, you can find Ellie studying at any local coffee shop, running through Cambridge, honing her extremely average photography skills, reading Supreme Court case transcripts, or listening to classical music records.

Portrait of Harshita G. Harshita
Harshita is a junior born and raised (until 2012) in Mumbai, India and went to high school in the Bay Area. She is graduating in four years with a masters in Computer Science and a joint concentration in Social Studies and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. Her interests and passions include hippie communication strategies, mental illness stigma-reduction, avoiding the cold, and discussing queerness and the South Asian diaspora over Felipe's nachos.

 Headshot of Jackie in front of stone wall                   

Jackie is a senior studying a joint concentration between the Studies of Women, Gender and Sexuality and African American Studies. She is particularly interested in the intersections of queer identity, gender expression, and immigration. Outside of the QuOffice, she works in the Title IX Office and with the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response. She is incredibly invested in the practice of self-care, so you can always find her playing with Play-Doh, coloring books, drinking tea, or just vegetating on some bean-bag chairs! 

Luca headshot

Luca is a first-year who has lived in both the Bay Area and Nebraska, potentially concentrating in Social Studies. If they are not in class, they are either playing piano or finding alternative music to play on the Record Hospital on WHRB. They are passionate about increasing awareness of trans and intersectional experiences.
Ming Li Wu photo Ming Li
Ming Li (or Ari) is a sophomore in Leverett originally from Huntsville, AL, and most recently from Reno, NV. When not writing and performing slam poetry, he can be found thinking about the intersections of queer/genderqueer and POC identities, frying plátanos for whoever will let him use their kitchen, roaming Boston in search of good rice, or eating said rice. They love living in a city and used to be a law-abiding pedestrian, but last year they learned how to jaywalk. Come say hi!
Natalie Gale photo Natalie
Natalie is a sophomore originally from Portland, Maine. She is unsure of what she'd like to study: too many great choices! Natalie is passionate about improving queer and trans representation in non-urban communities and creating spaces for students of diverse identities in K-12 education. She also loves her very fat cats, making music and art with friends, and anything to do with the ocean.



Sahar is a freshman from California who's super interested in STEM, activism, and the potential intersections between the two. She is very tentatively concentrating in physics, though this is subject to change. Outside of homework and the QuOffice, she enjoys writing and performing slam poetry, playing DnD, and listening to Broadway soundtracks. Sahar is particularly interested in the intersections of queerness and race, and intra-community issues within the LGBTQ+ community.



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