Spring 2018 Staff

Our undergraduate interns (“QuInterns”) are current Harvard undergraduates who are passionate about issues related to gender and sexuality. As members of the Office of BGLTQ Student Life team, QuInterns are ambassadors for the Office, both ensuring that students have accurate and timely information about the Office’s programs and services, and communicating the needs of the BGLTQ student community back to the Office. QuInterns develop, implement, and evaluate events, resources, and initiatives related to Campus Education, Programming, and Communications.

If you want to talk to a current intern about your experiences, or you have questions navigating queerness and queer life at Harvard, consider signing up for a Qoffee with QuInterns chat! Please note that because outness is complicated to navigate, some of our interns may have elected not to be listed here.

Cahleb Derry photo Cahleb
Cahleb (pronounced cahh-leeb, not cay-lib!) is a Sophomore studying History & Literature with a focus in Ethnic Studies. He is from Rockland County, New York, a small suburb 30 minutes north of New York City. His life's work is his a cappella group, The Harvard LowKeys (you can check them out on YouTube) and he is particularly interested in the intersections between masculinity, race and queerness within black and Latinx communities.
Natalie Gale photo Natalie
Natalie is a freshman originally from Portland, Maine. She is unsure of what she'd like to study: too many great choices! Natalie is fascinated by the way that social media affects modern social movements and is passionate about creating spaces for cultural diversity in K-12 education. She also loves her very fat cats, making music and art with friends, and anything to do with the ocean.
Portrait of Becina G. Becina
Becina is a sophomore concentrating in History of Science. Outside of interning at the QuOffice, she is also a columnist and Editorial Board editor at the Harvard Crimson, a peer counselor for Contact, and on the Steering Committee for First-Year Urban Program. Her passions include writing stories, thinking about the intersection of religion and sexuality, and telling puns.
Portrait of Harshita G. Harshita
Harshita is a sophomore born and raised (until 2012) in Mumbai, India and went to high school in the Bay Area. She is graduating in four years with a masters in Computer Science and a joint concentration in Social Studies and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. Her interests and passions include hippie communication strategies, mental illness stigma-reduction, avoiding the cold, and discussing queerness and the South Asian diaspora over Felipe's nachos.
Karely Osorio photo Karely
Karely is a senior studying Folklore and Mythology with a secondary in PBHA. She is a proud child of Mexican immigrants and hails from Houston, TX. She is super excited to be writing her thesis on QTPOCs, family, and folklore. In her free time, she loves cooking, drinking coffee (and more coffee), and doing puzzles.
Portrait of Macey P. DJ
DJ is a bass-playing and flower-picking black and trans person. They care a lot about class and queerness, trans identities and experiences, and mental health. What they love to do most is play music for others and be a soft presence.
Portrait of Skylar T. Skylar-Bree
Skylar-Bree is a second-year student from Newark, New Jersey, planning to concentrate in History & Literature with a focus in Ethnic Studies. She is particularly fascinated by the culture that forms at the intersection of queer communities and communities of color. Her other interests include novel-writing, hip-hop, and womanism.
Portrait of Patric Verrone Patric
Patric is a senior concentrating in Psychology with a secondary in Studies in Women, Gender, and Sexuality. He is heavily involved in theater and comedy groups on campus, as well as humanities research. He is originally from Los Angeles, California. When he's back home he loves hiking with his dogs and exploring the city. If you see Patric in the Square, say hi!
Ming Li Wu photo Ming Li
Ming Li is a first-year intern originally from Huntsville, AL, and most recently from Reno, NV. When not writing and performing slam poetry, Ming Li can be found thinking about the intersections of queer/genderqueer and POC identities, frying platanos in Wigg basement, or ferociously battling math psets. Ming Li loves living in a city and is currently learning how to jaywalk. Come say hi!