New Shows Bust Stereotypes of Male Bisexuality

by Megan Sims

While bisexuality is the B in BGLTQ+, for years it has been underrepresented, especially in television. From the openly biphobic jokes directed towards out bisexual Alice Pieszecki on The L Word to the unwillingness of television writers to use the word bisexual to describe characters whose attractions might fit within the bisexual umbrella—such as  Brittany on Glee andPiper on Orange is the New Black—bisexuality has rarely seen positive representation.

Trans Awareness Week


Every year in mid-November, Transgender Awareness Week seeks to bring awareness to the violence and prejudice trans (including but not limited to transgender, genderqueer, non-binary, agender, and gender non-conforming) individuals face and to bring organizations together for advocacy and action surrounding trans issues. This week culminates annually in Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) on November 20th to memorialize our community members who have lost their lives to cissexism and transphobia.

Queering the Wizarding World

by Megan Sims

For myself, and for a good portion of my generation, Harry Potter was a big part of our individual coming of age stories. We read the books by flashlight, attended midnight releases, and bought polyester Hogwarts robes to wear on Halloween. One of my most iconic childhood pictures is me, hair wavy from sleeping in braids, sitting on a broomstick at an angle that makes it look like I’m soaring through my living room. Like most young girls who liked to read, I identified strongly with Hermione.

Bi the Way

by Hunter Richards

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m the most indecisive person. Where should we eat? I don’t know. What should we watch? I don’t know. What should I wear? I don’t know.

But with that said, my inability to make up my mind doesn’t reach my sexuality. Unlike the common misconception, which I’ve heard time and time again, it’s not that I can’t make up my mind whether I like girls or boys. It’s a lot like when people would ask whether I was a cat-person or a dog-person and I, confused, would answer that I just loved animals.

Bisexual Awareness Week


Bisexuality is a lot of things. In the simplest form, it’s the B in LGBTQ+. But for many bi-identified people, definitions become more complicated. The accusation sometimes leveled at bisexuality is that it is inherently binaristic, meaning attraction only to men and women. But there are potentially as many definitions of bisexuality as there are people who identify as bi. Some of these definitions include: attraction to one’s own gender and others, attraction to two or more genders, attraction to similar and different genders, or attraction to some but not all genders.