Discussion, Workshops, and Trainings

Public Service and Advocacy

The Public Service Academy is all about helping people and programs growEach fun and interactive training session provides tools that are useful to individuals, at the same time that they help leaders and volunteers provide higher quality programming. Additional resources are available for leaders who want help creating quality, program-specific workshops. Trainings and resources are available to all undergraduate affiliates of Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) and the Harvard Public Service Network (PSN).

Community Conversations

For many years, the Freshman Dean’s Office has assigned readings to incoming first-year students and organized conversations with faculty and administrators during Opening Days to address important questions raised in the texts. Typically, selected texts focus on race, class, sexual orientation, and the overlap among these characteristics. Readings are intended to raise awareness of the diversity in society and encourage students to situate themselves within this context. The discussions, known as Community Conversations, have traditionally offered students an opportunity to reflect on the above issues with the ultimate goal of building a more inclusive and cohesive academic community whilst promoting communication about diversity.

Gender 101: Moving Beyond the Binary

An interactive workshop that aims to build awareness of the diversity of gender identities on campus. Through presentation and discussion, we hope to build the capacity of individuals to recognize and respect all genders and provide tools and ideas for organizations to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment. This workshop lasts 1.5 hours and can be tailored to meet the distinct needs of your organization.

On Faith Discussions

Take a look at the breadth of religious life at Harvard, where members of the community participate in moments of worship, spirituality, and community across the University. Students can engage in prayer or reflection in one of Harvard’s historic places of worship or in one of many less formal locations—a dorm room, dining hall, office, or Widener Library. To connect with the chaplains email chaplains at harvard.edu.

Real Talk Identity and Diversity Workshops:

Workshops and discussion groups provide students with opportunities for self-exploration, interpersonal support, skill-building, and problem-solving in topic areas related to student life and academic development. The confidential and respectful format of workshops and groups allows students to express their concerns and stretch their limits within a context of mutual trust and creative exploration. Please contact the BSC at 617-495-2581 to speak with a counselor about your request.

Allyship Workshop

The Office of BGLTQ Student Life Allyship Training draws on recent news, personal stories, and statistics to best present our current knowledge of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, asexual, and other gender/sexual minority issues. It will better inform you to act as an ally to the community.