Out at Harvard

Through a series of conversations, the Office of BGLTQ Student Life learned that many Harvard students did not know any BGLTQ-identified faculty and staff. In response to these problems, the Out at Harvard initiative was born.

Out at Harvard allows BGLTQ faculty and staff to have a greater visibility on campus. Use the filters on the right to find the many people at Harvard who identify along a spectrum of sexual and gender identities*. We hope the list will continue to grow as more faculty and staff choose to participate in the initiative.

If you are interested in being Out at Harvard, click here to submit your information. If you identify as an ally, you may participate in an Allyship Training

*The faculty and staff who identify in the Out at Harvard initiative described their identities in their own words. If you want to learn more about these terms and the different ways people choose to identify, check out some of the Office of BGLTQ Student Life trainings and workshops

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Emily Miller

Emily Miller

Title IX Coordinator for Students at Harvard College
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