A Message from Director Sheehan Scarborough: Support for Our Community

March 26, 2017

Harvard College Office of BGLTQ Student Life

Dear Students,

Some of you may have heard that the “Free Speech Bus”, which promotes transphobic, anti-BGLTQ rhetoric, is scheduled to be in Boston on Monday, 3/27, and at Harvard on Tuesday, 3/28. I am writing to assure you that we in the Office of BGLTQ Student Life are closely monitoring this situation. As harmful and disturbing as this rhetoric may be, theirs is not the only message. In fact, hundreds of people across Boston and Cambridge are already mobilizing in peaceful protest and solidarity with the queer community.

As I have said before and will surely say again: you have a right to be here, to be visible, and to thrive. Whether or not this bus shows up on campus this week, we will still be here. Our very lives are the punctuation mark on this debate, because at the end of the day, queer, and trans, and gender non-binary people exist. And no message on a bus can cast a shadow on the radiant spectrum of light that is the awesome diversity of our human experience.

I want you to know that there is a community of people here at Harvard University who support you unequivocally. Many of them will be joining the Office of BGLTQ Student Life at our 5th Anniversary Celebration this Monday from 5-6:30pm in Ticknor Lounge. I invite you to come celebrate this important milestone in Harvard’s history with us; there is no better reminder of why we need this office and a designated space for BGLTQ community life.

This week, there will be several additional opportunities to stand with the BGLTQ community. We will be updating our website, bgltq.fas.harvard.edu, as these plans materialize. You can also check the facebook page of the Mass Trans Political Coalition, who are organizing a Queer and Trans Dance Party on Monday afternoon, and an Interfaith Prayer and Healing Service on Tuesday, which I hope to attend.

Finally, I extend a warm invitation to visit our office at 7 Linden Street. Our staff, including your fellow students who serve as interns, are eager to provide support, resources, and connection for anyone seeking them. You can schedule a one on one conversation with an intern, or reach out to us at bgltq@fas.harvard.edu or by phone at 617-496-5716.

You are loved, you are resilient, and we will move forward together in strength.

Sheehan Daniel Scarborough
Director of the Office of BGLTQ Student Life
Harvard College