A Message from Director Sheehan Scarborough: In Support of Trans Students

February 24, 2017

Harvard College Office of BGLTQ Student Life

Dear Harvard College Students,

In light of the news we received Wednesday, I want to assure you that Harvard's protections for transgender students remain in place and in alignment with Harvard's own non-discrimination policy. As someone who cares deeply about the dignity of every member of this community, I was upset and disheartened to read the news about the rollback of federal guidance to schools regarding protections afforded to transgender students.

In these moments, I am reminded of how painful and isolating it can be to have your identity questioned or invalidated. I want you to know that you have a right to be here, to be visible, and to thrive. I and the entire team at the College stand committed to supporting the trans community and ensuring that every student is afforded protection from discrimination.

In the coming days, the Office of BGLTQ Student Life will be providing opportunities for you to engage with one another and learn more about this issue and its implications. You can stay apprised of these opportunities by visiting our website, bgltq.fas.harvard.edu. I also extend a warm invitation to visit our office at 7 Linden Street. Our staff, including your fellow students who serve as interns, are eager to provide support, resources, and connection for anyone seeking them. You can also reach out to us confidentially at bgltq@fas.harvard.edu or by phone at 617-496-5716.

Finally, I encourage us all—individuals, student organizations, faculty, and staff—to think creatively and compassionately about how we can continue to make our community an inclusive one for people of all genders. Our diversity is our strength, and it is through our engagement with one another that we deepen the conditions for our personal and collective intellectual transformations.

You are loved, you are resilient, and we will move forward together in strength.

Sheehan Daniel Scarborough
Director of the Office of BGLTQ Student Life
Harvard College