What is a BGLTQ specialty tutor/proctor?

Resident Tutors and Proctors are valued and important members of the staff of Harvard College who play a role in the residential and educational life of undergraduates. Each House and the Yard form a small academic and social community in which Resident Tutors/Proctors and undergraduates live, eat, socialize and study together within the larger context of the College and University. BGLTQ specialty tutors and proctors serve as resources for students wanting counseling, information, social contacts, etc. pertaining to issues related to gender, sexuality, identity and the intersection of these concepts. The role of the tutor/proctor is defined by the particular interests of the tutor/proctor, but responsibilities typically include, although are not limited to: 

  • Acting as liaison and advisor for students who are interested in or struggling with issues of sexual identity/gender identity
  • Providing programming to enhance awareness of these issues within each House/Yard community

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