Gender and Sexuality Consultations and Workshops

Have questions about gender and sexuality? Want to be more supportive of the BGLTQ community? Want to evaluate the ways in which your student group can be more BGLTQ-informed and BGLTQ-inclusive? The QuOffice offers consultations and workshops to help student groups, peer counselors, and peer educators to think through these questions.

What to expect:
When you request a consultation, we typically schedule a 20-45 minute conversation with you and/or your leadership team to understand the questions, concerns, history, and goals that you have in mind. Together, this conversation helps us determine what next steps would be most helpful for your group. We may move forward with a facilitated conversation, a discussion space, some educational modules, or a workshop. We prioritize developing a long-term relationship with your group and developing a plan to create sustainable cultural shifts toward BGLTQ inclusion.

Schedule a consultation:
Contact the QuOffice at We look forward to working with you!


Everyone is welcome in our office space! We are located in the Lower Level of Thayer Hall. Elevators can be accessed in the entrance next to Memorial Church. If you have any concerns about accessibility, please reach out to us at