Mental Health

Our Harvard Can Do Better

Our Harvard Can Do Better is a student activist organization working on the college, university and national level to advocate for survivor-centric, intersectionally inclusive reform of sexual violence policies. We are not a counseling group and we are not trained first responders.

Harvard HealthPALs

HealthPALs are a team of student liaisons between Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) and the student body. We are trained in first-aid and CPR, and have first-aid supplies and over-the-counter medications in each of the upperclassmen Houses.

Boston GLASS

Boston GLASS, a BGLTQ Youth Drop-In center, provides counseling, advocacy and referrals for health care services and housing to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (GLBTQ) teens and young adults, many of whom are youth of color.


Response is a non-judgmental, non-directive peer counseling group which offers confidential support to individuals dealing with rape, sexual assault, abuse, harassment, and relationship issues.

Room 13

Room 13 offers a supportive, sympathetic ear and maintain strict confidentiality. Room 13 staff can talk about anything that's on your mind, and they won't criticize you or pass any judgments.