If I am transgender do I have to use a gender neutral restroom or can I use the bathroom of my choice?

Harvard University includes gender identity on their non-discrimination code, so people using restrooms aligned with their gender identity are protected by the university. Furthermore, there is an ordinance in Cambridge and Boston that requires businesses to allow a person to use a bathroom aligned with their gender identity. If a student faces any hostility due to their gender identity or expression, please reach out to HUPD at (617) 495-1212.

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Is there a way to identify as LGBTQ as in incoming freshman to ensure that I am matched with accepting roommates?

Yes, you are able to identify as LGBTQ in your housing application, but there is no guarantee that you will be matched with an accepting roommate. There have been instances of BGLTQ-identified students being matched with non-accepting roommates. Making explicitly known any and all qualities of the people you would like to live with should be detailed in your first-year housing questionnaire, and the Freshman Dean's Office will do its best to match you appropriately.

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As a prospective student, do I have to pick male/female on the admissions application?

Yes, since Harvard is a member of the Common Application, it is mandated by federal guidelines to collect data on the legal sex of all applicants (as it is dictated on one's birth certificate). If you wish to provide more details regarding your sex or gender identity, applicants are welcome to do so in the additional information section of their application. 

How can I apply for gender neutral housing? Is this available to all students who request it?

Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors may request to form mixed-gender rooming groups.  All occupants must voluntarily agree to the arrangements.  As with all rooming inquiries, requests for mixed-gender rooming groups should be made to the House Administrator, and will be addressed and managed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account all circumstances, including space constraints.

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